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servicelearning.boisestate.edu screen shotServiceLearning Pro:  My how time flies when you are having fun!  It seems like only yesterday that we got a call from Boise State University so see if we could help them implement an on-line management system for their service-learning program.  They had been working with a student intern to develop an database system that could help them with their management process.  Since then (six plus years ago) we have developed a strong working relationship and rewarding friendship with Kara Brascia and her staff at BSU. 

We were into the project about two years and numerous functional additions when it became obvious to us that we needed to rebuild the structure so that the system could keep growing as needs changed -- it needed be be more modular.  That became the birth of ServiceLearning Pro.  Because of their investment with us, Boise State University has perpetual use of ServiceLearning Pro. 

Horizon Internet Solutions Web SiteHorizon Internet Solutions is a privately-held marketing and business development firm based in Boise, Idaho.  We are a team of business professionals that understand the depth of resources available through the Internet and the time and effort required for an organization to reap the benefits from the Internet. While our focus is now on the development of ServiceLearning Pro, our experience is as varied as the industries, organizations and businesses we have served. We bring our efforts with SLPro experience in both the public and private sectors. Horizon was awarded the first Adwheel awarded for the outstanding commercial web site by the American Public Transit Association. Our private sector experience includes public transportation planning, marketing and operations, both broadcast and print media, business development and marketing, business representation for both national and international firms, and business management and operations. Our public sector experience includes statewide project administration and outreach, urban and regional planning and regional economic planning experience.

We serve clients in the twenty-eight states and three Canadian provinces.